Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catholic Writers' Guild Seal of Approval

I'm excited to announce that Through the Open Window has just received the Catholic Writers' Guild Seal of Approval!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chocolate is good for writing!

Now here is an idea I can totally get behind! In the February 2010 issue, of Writer's Digest Sheila Bender writes, "to write one must always be a little in love. Chocolate triggers endorphins that can make you feel infatuated."

Yet more reason why chocolate is good for you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review: "In Name Only"

In Name Only
by Ellen Gable
Pakenham, Ontario: Full Quiver Publishing, 2009

Searching for a page-turning historical Catholic novel? "In Name Only" by Ellen Gable is one book you won't want to put down until you finally reach its satisfying conclusion. Caroline Martin is nineteen years old in 1876. Having taken care of her father in his final years, she is now setting off to begin a new life with her wealthy uncle and cousin. While adjusting to life in the upper class, she meets two brothers who will play a prominent role in her future. Liam is dashing and always a gentleman. He sets out to woo her heart with class and dedication. David is a well-known ladies man, accustomed to having his way with any woman he desires without much care for the consequences. When tragedy strikes, David and Caroline will be forced into an unlikely alliance which will challenge both of them and change them forever. 

"In Name Only" is a wonderful story, full of plot twists and turns. The main characters are well-developed and the supporting characters add much life to the story. While the novel features much tragedy, it does seem plausible at a time in which death was a much more constant companion than it is today. It is a Catholic novel and shows what it meant to follow Catholic teaching at that time period. It is not heavy handed, however, and I firmly believe that anyone who enjoys romance or historical fiction will greatly enjoy the story. I relished my time with this book.