Sunday, May 13, 2012

At the End of a Major Project

My alter-ego just finished a major non-fiction project and my first book for a traditional publisher - one day before deadline. The files have been sent. I wasn't sure how I would feel at this moment - whether I'd be doing a happy dance or feel exhausted. In reality, I don't feel anything at all.

I have devoted nine months to this project, working on it almost every day. The last four and  a half months have been particularly intense. I wrote over 120,000 words in that time.

The project came to me at perhaps the most unexpected time of my life - another illustration of God's impeccable sense of humor and timing. My spiritual director said it was my "chocolate" - my reward for saying "yes" to another of God's requests that changed my life. Could be. I said "yes" to this project without having any idea how I would get it done. I went to Church and told God if he wanted me to get it done, He had to help me have the time. He must have wanted me to do it. I took advantage of every available moment, without having to take time away from my family responsibilities and I got it done.

In many ways, this project has kept me going as I have adjusted to my new life. It gave me a sense of purpose. There were days I resented it, times when I wished I could work on something else, but overall I was thankful. I've been writing professionally for eight years now. I know an opportunity like this doesn't come along every day. It may very well be my one and only traditionally published book (I'll have to see what the future holds). I did the best I could with it in the time allowed.

 And now, it's just done. And life will go on tomorrow. I know that there will be editing on this project and more work to be done, but I'm  hoping that the publisher will give me a short breather. I have other things I have neglected that I need to do. I have a stack of books to read. I think I'll relax a bit - maybe get to bed a bit earlier, and then, who knows?

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