Monday, July 9, 2012

Reader's Favorite Review of Through the Open Window

A while back, I saw an ad (maybe on Facebook?) for Reader's Favorite, which offered to review books. All you had to do was send a copy. You could pay for a quick turnaround - the free service took about 12 weeks. There is no guarantee of a good review, only a review. The service seemed valid, and I had nothing to lose, so I submitted a copy of my book. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the following review this week:

"Through the Open Window" is a heartfelt romance with all the ingredients to make it a wonderful tale. Doubts, uncertainty, attractions, and the exes are all well played out in this intelligent plot. It is a sweet romance that is worth your time and money. I was attracted to the sensible plot and characters from the beginning and loved it all the way to the end. Mike Duncan and Lucy had had their hearts broken before when those whom they loved had left them. The last thing they want is to find someone to complicate their present circumstances. So it comes as a surprise to them, when they meet each other in a NANOWRIMO meeting, how much they are attracted to each other. With the thought of not being ready for a new relationship firmly in their minds, they start a friendship that develops to becoming confidants and very dear in no time. Complications happen when Lucy finds out that her mom has terminal cancer about which she didn’t want her to know. Once before Lucy had left her studies to see her battle and win breast cancer. Now, a few years later, once again she leaves her dream job, her new home, and Mike, to take care of her. With the uncertainty of when, if ever, to come back, she dedicates herself to her mother’s needs and leaves her future in limbo for a time.

The story is nicely written. "Through the Open Window" will be liked by many, be it young adults or adults. Anne does a great job on this clean piece of romance entwined with great character development. It is really a fantastic light read for summer, or to cozy up with on a cold winter night. -
Anna D. for Reader's Favorite.

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