Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review: The Lonely Book

The Lonely Book
by Kate Bernheimer
illustrated by Chris Sheban

The Lonely Book is a charming picture book about the life-cycle of a much loved book. "Once there was a brand-new book that arrived at the library." This story about a girl in the forest was a favorite on the new shelf and was taken out often. Then, its newness wore off and it got moved to the regular shelf, but it was still taken out often and it was still happy. In time, however, the book was forgotten, and became very lonely.

Until one day, a little girl picked up the book and fell in love with it, even though it was missing its last page. She took it home and read it over and over, imagining different endings. But then, she brought the book back to the library and, in her excitement over a new book, forgot about it. When she remembered it, she went back and searched, but couldn't find it. Meanwhile, the book had been tucked away in the library basement where it was very, very lonely. But, then one day, the library held a book sale and the little girl found the book and took it home forever.

The Lonely Book is a beautiful book, both in its story and its art, perfect for any one who has ever loved a book.

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  1. Sounds cute! Thanks for featuring it
    Kassie aka "Mom"