Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Next Writing Adventure

I'm still finishing up my third draft of "The Rose Ring," but I've already started working on my next book.

My boys (who are in 6th and 5th grade) have been asking me for a while to put aside the romance and write an adventure story that they would enjoy. Totally not my genre and I've been declining. But, then, I thought about it. What do I really have to lose? At the very least, I will have written something for them and they will appreciate the effort if nothing else. The best case scenario - I write something that's actually good.

I let them know that as soon as I was finished with my story, I'd start work on theirs. Even though I'm not technically "finished" we have gotten started. At first, they wanted something with lots of things blowing up, but I let them know I was more interested in writing a Harry Potter/Percy Jackson sort of story with an actual plot and character development as opposed to the annihilation of the western world. They agreed to that and are helping me come up with characters and ideas.

So far, we have written three chapters and I have to say, they aren't horrible! I have some good ideas for the story and am finding it fairly easy to write in a middle-school voice, seeing as I spend about 80% of my life surrounded by my sons and their friends. I'm also getting to spend some quality time with my boys.These are all good things.

The one challenge I'm having so far is getting the research done to support the story. It has some historical elements, and I like my facts to have at least some basis in truth. The boys are all about "Let's write this" and while I don't want to squelch their enthusiasm, I'm more about "I need to look that up and then we can write!"

In any event, this writing project is an adventure in more ways than one, but it is one that I am enjoying. I'll keep you posted. 

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