Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review of "The Rose Ring" by Reader's Favorite

I submitted "The Rose Ring" to Reader's Favorite a while ago for review. They offer quick turnaround on reviews if you pay for them, but I chose to utilize the free service. I had used it with "Through the Open Window" and was pleased with the service, and I was just as pleased this time around. As a writer it is wonderful to know that someone has read and appreciated something one has written. And seeing that I designed the cover as well, I was gratified that she found it attractive. Truly, this review made my day.

Reviewer Brenda Casto had this to say.

The Rose Ring by Anne Faye is certainly a book with a pretty cover, but the story that unfolds is emotionally charged, keeping me riveted until the end. Julia Manning has carried the hurt of being left at the altar ten years ago by her then fiancee Zach Richards. To get through her days she works as an assistant manager at a bookstore and also volunteers to read at a local nursing home. Julia's mother pushes her to find a man and settle down and even fixes her up with Steve, a man who had a crush on Julia years ago. As the relationship between Julia and Steve starts to develop, Zach comes back into the picture, and Julia realizes she still has feelings for him. Meanwhile Elizabeth Phelps, a dementia patient at the nursing home sees Julia wearing a rose ring that she is convinced was her engagement ring given to her by the love of her life Joseph Wynn. As Julia befriends Elizabeth she can't help but wonder about the story of Joseph, and whether the ring might in fact be Elizabeth's and if so why she and Joseph never married. As Julia solves the mystery of Elizabeth and Joseph's story she will also figure out what path she should take for her future.

Anne Faye writes a contemporary story, that also has a firm foot in the past. While I enjoyed Julia's story it was the story of Elizabeth and Joe that was so emotionally charged I couldn't put it down. Journal entries and the letters that Joe wrote to Elizabeth transported me back to the mid-forties. The longing and hope that Elizabeth had as she gets each letter from Joe,and the excruciating news that she finally got took my breath away. Then the author provides a twist that totally blindsided me, but also allowed me to understand the need that Elizabeth had for granting forgiveness!

I honestly felt the emotions flow off the pages. The author does a wonderful job of transitioning between the past and present, providing two stories that ultimately tie together in the end providing a few life lessons along the way! The Rose Ring was far from predictable, providing a very satisfying story. I became so consumed by it I actually read it in one sitting. A heart touching story with characters that I won't forget! 


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