Friday, August 26, 2016

Sunflowers in a Hurricane Reviewed on Reader's Favorite

Reader's Favorite just posted a 5 Star Review of Sunflowers in a Hurricane.

Sunflowers in a Hurricane by Anne M Faye is a tender and sensitive story that is also heart wrenching and emotional. George and Dottie share a powerful love that is cut short when Dottie dies in childbirth. George is left alone to raise his daughter, Katherine, if he can. As time goes on, we find George alone, but he befriends his new neighbor, Ruth. Ruth is a thirteen-year-old girl and has moved into her grandma's house with her mother, Cheryl. Cheryl has her own story of a broken heart and a life changed by circumstances. She and Ruth have returned to put things in order after Cheryl's mother's death. Returning to Meadowbrook was never in Cheryl's plans, but now she is here to deal with the present while trying to avoid the past. As George and Ruth become closer and their lives intertwine, the unusual friendship may be able to heal new and old wounds for all three of them. There is no reason that these two should have become such fast friends...except that they needed each other.

Anne M Faye introduces us to well developed and emotionally vulnerable characters in a well written story that draws you in from the first page. George, Ruth, and Cheryl, as the central characters, are endearing and tragic at the same time. George and Cheryl have both experienced life altering events and both have made choices that they have had to live with, good and bad. Anne M Faye's story is multi-generational and is touching as the friendship and trust between George, an old man, and Ruth, a teenage girl, grow and they find a deep caring for and understanding of one other. I enjoyed this book very much. Well done. - Deborah Stone, Reader's Favorite

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