Friday, March 12, 2010

Advice for Writing Virgins

Many people dream of writing a novel. Despite this, relatively few actually sit down and do it. There are various reasons for this. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Other things need to take precedence. Other times people are intimidated by the process. They aren't sure where to begin. Or they start, write a few pages, then get stuck.

Brian Klems has some very good advice for "writing virgins" in the March/April issue of

Find at least 15 minutes of every day - that's right, every day - to dedicate to writing. Whether it means you have to wake up 15 minutes earlier, go to bed 15 minutes later, eat lunch faster, take a notepad into the bathroom - whatever it takes, you have to make time to write. It's the one and only definitive prerequisite of being a writer. . . . And finally, just write. Don't worry about quality. Don't worry about grammar and style. Don't worry about agents or publishers. Don't worry about anything except telling your story. Second and third drafts are for editing, rewriting and polishing. First drafts are for getting the stories out of your head and onto paper.

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