Friday, December 30, 2011

I want to buy this house!

I visited a friend in Holyoke, MA today and as I was leaving, I noticed that this Church/house was for sale! At first, I thought that it was still set up as a Church and would need some serious renovation, but when I looked it up at home, I discovered it has already been renovated.

I love this place! I'm hoping to actually go see it. Oh, it is totally out of my price range and impractical for my family and the location isn't the best, but . . . to live here! It has beauty and history and I don't think you could be here and not be inspired. My other thought was to buy it and have it be an artists / writers retreat. I've always thought it would be nice to have a drop-in type of place where creative people could just come and work and be around other creative people.

I looked up the history of the Church. It turns out it was The Highlands Methodist Episcopal Church. You can read more here:

Unless someone has $300,000 I can have, this most likely won't happen for me, but it is something to dream about . . . and sometimes dreams can be almost as good as reality. At the very least, it might be the start of a good story!

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