Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Write a Letter This Christmas

Looking for a perfect last-minute gift? How about writing a letter telling somebody special just what they mean to you.

I read a wonderful article by Jon Maksik in Living magazine (unfortunately the article isn't on-line) about how every Christmas and birthday since the year his son was born, he wrote a letter to him, chronicling what was going on in his life and reiterating his love.

In this era of modern technology, letters are largely disappearing. Email and texts are great. They allow us to communicate with ease and across great distances. I wouldn't want to go back to life without it. But, most of these simply fade into the great virtual void. Sure, they can be printed and kept, but how many actually are?

A handwritten letter is tangible and lasting. It can be tucked into the pages of a journal or kept in a special box. It can be opened and read many years later and the reader is transported back in time. It is special. And today, it is even more precious.

Write someone you love a heartfelt letter this Christmas. It is a unique gift that will truly be treasured.

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