Monday, January 2, 2012

I Want to Buy This House, Part 2

I recently wrote about a Church/House I would love to buy: I Want to Buy this House! Well, today I did get the opportunity to go and see it. And . . . while it is a fabulous, beautiful space with absolutely TONS of potential, it still needs a great deal of work. So, the person who buys it not only needs to have those funds, but also the funds to continue fixing it up.

But, in an odd turn of events, I came to find out a bit about the current owners - an artistic couple and their small daughter. The man is a musician and the woman is a jewelry artist. She had converted the basement into this great studio space and had some publicity articles about herself posted, so I got to see her picture.

Well, after viewing the house, I headed to Thornes Marketplace in Northampton, a local artsy town. I love it there, but I don't go often - maybe once a year. It just happened that I wasn't far and had some time, so I thought I'd go enjoy myself and soak up some atmosphere. It turns out that the woman whose house I had just seen owns a shop there (named after herself) and was there manning the store. I did not go tell this woman I had just ventured through every part of her home (I think that would have seemed a bit stalker-like!), but I just found it such a strange coincidence. Me, who rarely goes much of anywhere, and has never heard of this woman before, suddenly finds myself touring her house and her store in the same day.

In any event, I would love to see the house find some wonderful artistic owners who can appreciate all that this space would have to offer. It's a pipe dream for me, but someone with enough financial resources could make it a reality. Who knows? Maybe someday after my next novel becomes a New York Times Bestseller or a screenplay I write gets optioned, I'll be able to do the same for another unique property. One never knows where life may lead.

So, here is the MLS listing, for anyone who is interested:

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