Thursday, September 11, 2014

For Those Who Hate E-Books

I finished reading The Heroes of Olympus - Book Three: Mark of Athena today. My eleven-year-old son had asked me to read it, and given the number of books I ask him to read, it's only fair that he gets to pick one for me once in a while.

Rick Riordan is a great writer who has made reading and learning about the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods cool and I've read several of his books, but his books really aren't my preferred genre. Still, I came across the following passage and reading the whole book was worth it!

For the record, I don't hate e-books. I understand their usefulness and why some prefer them. Still, I do prefer to read an actual book.

"That is not a book," Achelous insisted. "He gave you that just to get under my skin, didn't he? He knows I hate those things."

"You hate . . . .books?" Piper asked.

"Bah!" Achelous's face flushed, turning his blue skin eggplant purple. "That's not a book."

He pawed the water. A scroll shot from the river like a miniature rocket and landed in front of him. He nudged it open with his hooves. The weather yellow parchment unfurled, covered with faded Latin script and elaborate handdrawn pictures.

"This is a book!" Achelous said. "Oh, the smell of sheepskin! The elegant feel of the scroll unrolling beneath my hooves. You simply can't duplicate it in something like that."

He nodded indignantly at the guidebook in Jason's hands."You young folks today and your newfangled gadgets. Bound pages. Little compact squares of text that are not hoof-friendly. That's a bound book, a b-book if you must. But it's not a traditional book. It'll never replace the good old-fashioned scroll!"

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