Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Emotional Night

I was doing fine. I settled down with my computer as I always do after I tuck my children into bed. I was feeling reasonably happy. All things considered, it had been a good day. And then I saw something on Twitter that made me collapse into a big heap of tears. I know that person had no intention of making someone cry with her post - she was just sharing a bit of good news, but there I was - crying like I haven't cried in ages - big, heaving sobs.

And then, in the midst of crying, I attempted to get something out of the freezer. It fell. I picked it up and whacked my head on the freezer door as it was closing which only served to make me cry harder (not to mention gave me a huge bump on the back of my head). I continued to cry as I made cookies to bring to my homeschool group's First Friday get-together tomorrow. We are celebrating Mary's birthday (September 8th) a little early. I must have cried for a good half-hour. I guess I had a bunch of emotions that just needed to be released. I eventually managed to pull myself back together, and managed to work a bit on my story.

Today's count - 832   Total to date - 65,972

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