Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Letters to Juliet" is one of my new all-time favorite movies

The reality of my life is that I have to wait a while for movies I want to see. I see them advertised at the theater, read the reviews, decide which ones I am interested in and then wait for the DVD. Sometimes, the movie does not live up to my extended expectations. Other times, my patience is richly rewarded. Last night was one of those times.

I was so excited to get to see Letters to Juliet  last night. It tells the story of a wannabe writer, Sophia, who goes off to Verona on a vacation with her fiance. He's busy scoping out suppliers for his new restaurant, so she takes advantage of the time to do some sight-seeing on her own. In doing so, she comes across a group of women called the "secretaries of Juliet" who write back to the women who leave their letters asking for love advice at Juliet's wall. She joins them, and finds a letter written 50 years earlier (it had been stuck behind a brick). On a whim, she responds to the woman who had left her one true love behind when she was a girl. The letter finds the owner, the owner's grandson finds Sophia and the adventure to find Lorenzo (the man left behind) begins. I am a sucker for a good love story and this one certainly met the bill. It is a sweet story, rated PG, with nothing objectionable in it. It has a sense of mystery, a good sense of humor, and shows that love can come in many different ways and at different stages of life. I highly recommend it!

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