Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 18

I spent the past week on vacation, but that doesn't mean it wasn't productive. In fact, freed from the obligations of work, I was able to get quite a bit written. Admittedly, this was in the pitch black working in the same room my children were sleeping in with only the light from the laptop to see by (and people think writers lead glamorous lives!). It is good that I know how to touch-type! Here are the totals from the days. The story is coming along nicely. I'm about one-quarter of the way to 50,000. I honestly don't know if the story will take that many words to tell, but I'll write until it is done. Unfortunately, now that I am back to real life, this rate will once again drop off (sigh!).

June 13 Total for day - 1369  Total to date - 8025
June 14 Total for day - 1347  Total to date - 9372
June 15 Total for day - 1081  Total to date - 10,453
June 16 Total for day - 1581  Total to date - 12,034
June 17 Total for day - 1130  Total to date - 13,164

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