Friday, October 24, 2014

Dancing on the Head of a Pen: The Practice of a Writing Life

Dancing on the Head of a Pen: The Practice of a Writing Life

by Robert Benson
Colorado Springs, CO: Waterbrook Press, 2014

Robert Benson, who writes and speaks about the practice of faith and spirituality and the art and craft of writing, has been writing for over forty years and has authored nearly twenty books. As such, he has something valuable to say about the art and craft of writing and has shared his accumulated wisdom in “Dancing on the Head of a Pen.”

Benson freely admits that he is only sharing what works for him in his writing journey and has a humility and honesty that is refreshing in a world where people are often shouting “Look at me and the wonderful things that I have done!” No doubt individual writers will take or leave different parts of his method and advice, but there is something in these pages that will benefit every writer. 

Here are just a couple words of wisdom I valued from this book. There are many more – pick up a copy and read it for yourself!

“I write what I think of as a series of letters, letters to people I know and people I love, people with whom I must use my real voice and people with whom I cannot be phony.”

“I learned not to chase the words but to listen to them.”

“Whether working on a book at the moment or not, a writer should always be writing.”

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