Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Loyola Press Writing Retreat - Day #3 Writing to Discover - A Room of One's Own

Today's assignment for the Loyola Press Writing Retreat focused on Writing to Discover. I had to describe my perfect room. This was a fun exercise! It's less about writing and more about imagining. We could use images as well. I actually had to think about this a bit. For me, a room of one's own is the room inside my head. I can always retreat there. I work in spurts, whenever and wherever I have time. Even for this retreat - we are supposed to spend a half-hour of uninterrupted peaceful time a day. That would be lovely, but I've been leaving my notebook out, working on it whenever I could during the day. That being said, alone time in a library is pure bliss!

In my room, I would have:

1) A huge arched window letting in lots of natural light, looking out over a wildflower garden with a pond in the distance.

2) bookshelves flanking a comfortable window seat.

3) A comfy couch with a homemade quilt - perfect for taking a nap.

4) A large farmhouse table to do artwork or writing on, with some accompanying chairs.

5) Art supplies and writing materials.

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