Friday, October 3, 2014

Loyola Writing Retreat Day #5 - Writing to Savor

Day 5 of the Loyola Writing Retreat was about Writing to Savor.

As I write this, I am grasping a few moments of precious solitude in the cafe area of my local grocery store, indulging in a Coke Zero and a pumpkin muffin. I haven't done this in such a long time, it is a moment to savor all by itself.

But my moment of choice is actually from early this morning. The sun was coming up over the horizon and was hitting a tree in the backyard in just the right way so that the leaves were illuminated, the early morning dew glistening on each one.

Meanwhile, there was a flock of birds, tweeting furiously, that chose that moment to descend upon the yard in search of breakfast. Some landed in the trees, while others picked the ground in eager anticipation of whatever tasty morsel they might find there.

I watched for a minute, before the duties and chaos of the day called me away, but it was a grace-filled moment of beauty and peace.

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