Monday, November 8, 2010

Finding Water

I had picked up Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance (Artist's Way) a couple weeks ago at the library. I've been skimming through it to see if there were any kernels of inspiration before I have to bring it back.

I did come across a couple so far:

Over the years, writing has become easier, a daily routine. But there many days when my stint at the page still takes all of the courage I can muster. "Please, God, send me ideas," I pray. Then I listen and type out what I hear. "Inspiration" is really as simple as the act of listening and being willing to trust that still small voice. Some days I am willing to trust. Others I am not. On those days, I must pray again. "Please, God, send me the willingness to just listen and write." And then I must listen and then I must write.

There is a divine plan of goodness for us and our work, but we must go along with the plan in order that it may transpire. Careers do not unfold in an orderly manner. They do not proceed A to B to C. They zig and then they zag. We must tack with them. We must be willing to be made what it is God is making us. For our own comfort, we must be willing to surrender to a power greater than ourselves.

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