Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art is RIsky

I finished reading The Sound of Paper: Inspiration and Practical Guidance for Starting the Creative Process today. It was the only book I read this week - a sure sign of how busy and stressed I've been.

I will leave you with this one last bit of advice from Julia Cameron.

Often, when I advise a writer to write a whole book rather than a proposal, I am greeted with "But, Julia! I don't want to do all that work for nothing." But we never do all that work for nothing. When we write, we become better writers. When we paint, we become better painters. Dancing improves our dancing, acting our acting. . .  When we ask for a guarantee of success, we are asking to make risk-free art, and art, by definition, is risky. . . It is the practice of our art form, and not the marketable product we produce, that warrants us the name artist.

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