Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Working on a new story

I've been fleshing out my ideas for my new story. This is a more ambitious project than any I have tried before. I really want to hit 80,000 words and have it be good enough to hopefully obtain an agent. This story will have more characters and more plots. I'm trying to figure out exactly what those plots will be. I have a general idea for the main plot. I'm working in my idea notebook trying to create character sketches for each of the characters. I also want to do a general outline. The whole thing is scaring me a bit. I'm someone who tends to work better letting the story and the characters unfold as I write. I tend to get to know them as they reveal themselves. They do unexpected things that push the story along. I truly don't know what these characters are supposed to be doing yet and I feel a bit trapped as a result. I want to start writing about them, but I don't feel like I can. I need some more inspiration to figure out just what is going on with them.

I know all this doesn't make much sense. Welcome to the scary place that is this writer's mind. :)