Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Pray Before You Write?

I continued reading The Sound of Paper: Inspiration and Practical Guidance for Starting the Creative Process today. One thing Cameron speaks about is connecting with God before writing. I know in my own writing, I often pray to the Holy Spirit to help me, especially when my ideas are running dry. The prayer always helps. I also want to write whatever it is God may want me to write. The prayer helps make sure that I do that.

Cameron puts it this way:
Creative droughts do not end through willfulness. They end through the act of surrender. They end through the prayer "Show me what you would have me do." Our creative condition is grounded and subject to our spiritual condition. We may daily strive to "work" but we will get further if we daily try to "serve." It is not that God's will and ours are at opposite ends of the table but, rather, that we can set ourselves near God or far from God, at the right hand or at a remove. God is the Great Creator. The Great Creator takes delight in us and our creations. . . . We have been "made," and we in turn are intended to "make things." How much better we do this when we seek our creator's help.

Also, I'm not sure if this statement is true or not, but Cameron writes that "Beethoven, near suicide from the lack of reception for his work, vowed to live and write music for God alone to appreciate." Even when no one else reads or appreciates my work, God does. That means a great deal.

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